We carefully package every order and will do our best to work with you to ensure smooth delivery of your package. We cannot, however, control the actual delivery of your order after your package leaves our hands and is accepted by the shipping carrier. After the shipping carrier accepts your package, the actual delivery of your package can be impacted by many events beyond Barilliant’s control. For this reason, we cannot be held liable for late deliveries by the shipping carrier, lost or stolen packages, or service disruptions due to weather-related conditions and other natural disasters or events. Since we rely on the customer to provide us with a correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for delayed, lost or returned packages as a result of wrong address due to customer error.

If your package is shown as delivered and you cannot locate it, we also suggest you do the following:

Check mailboxes for smaller packages.

Check for a parcel locker key if your mailbox is in a cluster unit.

Check areas outside of your house where packages are usually left by your delivery person, such as the front door, sideyard and backyard.

Look for a possible mail hold notice in your mailbox or attempted delivery notice left by the carrier near your front door.

Check with household members, building managers, front desk, mailroom and anyone else who may have accepted the delivery for you.

​If your package is damaged or lost by the carrier in transit, please contact us immediately and we’ll be happy to work with you on a discounted reprint.

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