Our chocolate


Australian-made and sustainably-minded, Brilliant creates personalised chocolates bars that taste good and make you feel good. Our chocolate is crafted from the highest-quality cocoa beans gathered from ethically managed sources. The result is a smooth, creamy chocolate bar with remarkable taste.
Barilliant is about much more than doing the right thing. We believe that sustainable chocolate should become the norm. That is why we've got to find bold new ways of doing business and working with partners to make it happen.

We’re aiming to have more consumers trying our personalised chocolate bars and want to grow our business sustainably. We are supporting sustainability programs and make interventions in the production process to produce with more sustainable ingredients and with less impact on the environment.

By partnering with Cocoa Horizons, our efforts will help improve the livelihoods of cocoa famers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development, which protects nature and children

Cocoa Horizons farmers deliver their cocoa beans to our warehouses. The delivery is recorded and is kept separate through the entire supply chain. The beans are not mixed with other cocoa throughout the entire cocoa mass production process and inclusion in your chocolate. The cost of the segregation comes as an additional fee to the Horizons standard premium.

It means that your finished product does contain Horizons cocoa mass that can be traced back to selected farmer groups. With Cocoa Horizons, you know your farmer communities and you directly support them.