While managing the challenges of motherhood, Barilliant founder Heather saw the hardships faced with parenting and its impact on mothers’ emotional health. In the midst she found an unexpected source of inspiration in cocoa beans: a bitter tiny bean on its own, but when transformed into personalised chocolate, it's a truly fulfilling experience. This helped Heather to recognise that bitter beginnings can turn the ordinary to extraordinary in a sweet way. She saw a way to give back through her own sons christening and with that Barilliant was born. Barilliant is on a mission to celebrate small acts of personalised thoughtfulness.


Australian-made and sustainably minded, barilliant was founded to celebrate the special moments in life and add some sweetness to every event. Packaging that’s has a real purpose: to make you feel good. Our purpose is inspired by the joy people feel when they receive our personalised chocolate bars. We're on a mission to change the future of mental health, one thoughtfully packaged chocolate bar at a time - because we believe that all it takes to remind people that they matter is a small act of kindness. 


The barilliant difference is characterised by our commitment to sustainable cocoa and the suppliers that grow them. We don't get on the sustainability bandwagon just to get business, but rather to support and empower the women behind our chocolate and improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities. In this way, we can ensure that our acts of kindness extend past our customers and their events to influence the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities for the better. 


Barilliant bars are about more than just tasting good - they’re also about making you feel good. Every bar is lovingly crafted with the finest cocoa beans before being custom packaged that is tailored to your special occasion.


Got something sweet to say? Let us help you to say it in chocolate.